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“Loving the Unloved in our Society”

Valerie's Village

Outreach Ministry
Gichagi kia Valerie (Valerie's Village)

At New Hope, we reach out to the poorest people living around us. Majority of them are the grandmothers of some of our children at New Hope. These grannies live either along the Railway line, or by the road-side. Every Saturday they come to New Hope for food rations.

In July 2007, two British women Lesley Lamb and Patricia Elliot came to celebrate their 60th birthday at New Hope. They stayed with us for 3 weeks, during which time we visited some grannies.
Lesley promised to support the construction of 3 houses for the grannies; however, as it were we could not build along the Railway line or roadside. Furthermore, the grannies had already been put on Notice to vacate.

We therefore needed a piece of land to build on; so I communicated this need to VALERIE HOLDEN of Wigan UK then working with Barclays in Chesire. Through her co-ordination, some Barclays employees fund-raised towards the piece of land, and last year we purchased 1 acre of land. Barclays UK colleagues further raised funds for building shelter.

We have now built 12 houses for different grannies, with each house having some free space behind it for growing food. We have transferred the housed to them permanently, for them, their children and grand children.
This new development has been given the name "Valerie's Village". It is about 1 mile away from New Hope, and was officially inaugurated on February 28th 2009 in a ceremony witnessed by many who came from near and far to see what they have neither seen nor heard before. They all worshipped God.

We wish to thank:

  1. Lesley Lamb of Glocester UK for funding the construction of 3 houses
  2. Abigail Ministries, North Harrow UK, for funding the construction of 2 houses.
  3. Staff of Barclays Bank UK, for funding the purchase of 1 acre of land, and the construction of 7 houses.


This reality has been beyond the dreams of these grannies in fact some of them still think they are dreaming, and that one day they will wake up and find the houses gone. Nonetheless they are ever so grateful to the people mentioned above for making them "cross the Red Sea" and now they have entered the "Promised Land".
One grandmother boldly proclaimed "I now believe that I will enter the New Jerusalem, in the land of the living". Many other grannies are now flocking to new hope to seek for such help unfortunately we are sometimes forced to hide.

Following are photos of the old houses and the new ones ... just compare!
Although many of these houses have no beds or chairs yet, the occupants are filled with joy. You are invited to help in this area.

To all who have contributed towards this noble project, MAY GOD RICHLY BLESS YOU.
Your deeds will forever be remembered by generations.