New Hope Children's Centre

“Loving the Unloved in our Society”

Training and Business Centre

Abigail Ministries

The Training and Business Centre was built by Abigail Ministries to help provide employment for needy women in the Community, particularly the ladies living in the Grannie Village.

Some ladies are being trained in tailoring skills and are presently making uniforms, petticoats and dresses which we hope will result in orders from local schools.
There is also a knitting machine for making sweaters and other knitted items.

Other ladies are making cards which have proved to be very popular both with the tourists who visit New Hope and amongst business personnel in Nairobi.
A wide variety of cards are made. Some feature traditional African animal scenes, while others are designed for occasions such as weddings, birthdays etc or for seasonal celebrations such as Christmas etc.

The Impact
The Training and Business Centre is benefiting both local families and New Hope. The mums tell us they are delighted because they have regular work in a clean and happy environment with a regular wage coming in for them to be able to feed and clothe their children.
New Hope itself will benefit as sales increase because all profit will go to assist the ongoing work of feeding and providing a safe and secure home for the children.

Special thanks to the Shena & Roger Smith family in conjunction with Abigail Ministries for transforming the livelihoods of the local families;
and also enabling us take a huge step towards self-reliance.