New Hope Children's Centre

“Loving the Unloved in our Society”





Jun 15 - WATER at New Hope
Am excited and happy to info you that we now have water at New Hope, effective yesterday, Saturday, 14th June at exactly 4pm.
May PRAISE, GLORY, HONOUR be to the Lord our God, both now and forever more. AMEN

May 15 - Bernard Up And Running
Our Bernard started walking yesterday! something that has excited everyone at New Hope.
He too is very excited.
His mission since those first steps has been to chase everyone, especially his younger sister Anne ... he has to prove that he is a MAN!
Kindly join with us to thank God for this. We shall now concentrate on his speech.

Please thank God with us, for New Hope has been connected with ELECTRICITY effective Friday 11th April 2008 at 6:30pm
We at New Hope do not have suitable words to express our joy. Our scripture is Deutronomy 8:2 and Psalms 105:1-7

Mar 25 - KCSE & KCPE Examination Results
There were 9 kids who sat for KCSE last November. I am delighted to report that 7 of them passed well and attained marks which will enable them to enter University! The other two girls had weak passes.
We had 14 kids last year who sat for KCPE in November. All of them passed although some with weak passes and have since joined different secondary schools.